Pro Shop Hours

Monday 2-5:30pm
Tuesday 6-8pm
Thursday 3-5:30pm
Saturday 9am-12pm

Or by appointment. For appointments call Rick (989) 859-7801 or Scott (989)486-1301


  • Fit and fill finger tip
  •  Fit and fill conventional grip,
  • Plug and redrill 3 holes
  •  Install thumb slug
  •  Replace finger grips
  •  Resurface, Cleaning, Custom Thumb, Plug and redrill thumb
  • Plug and redrill fingers
  •  Replace thumb insert
  •  Plug balance hole
  •  Engrave Name on ball
  •  Sand ball
  •  Work out/ Enlarge hole
  •  Switch grip outer
  • Switch grip inner
  •  Hour long bowling Lessons